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Help us raise funds so we can keep supporting vulnerable children and their families

Become a Volunteer:

Nazari Digar is a unique charity, as it is a charity that focuses on the importance of building very personal relationships with families who have children with the condition Down syndrome. The charity depends on a team of people with a variety of skills and abilities in order to deliver necessary support to the families who need it. These skills include technical skills such as graphic designing, videography and photography as well as personable skills, such as the ability to communicate and provide support for both children with Down syndrome and also their families. Nazari Digar is also always looking for speech therapists and physiotherapists with more advanced skills who would be willing to volunteer to help the children with speech and mobility.

In becoming a volunteer for Nazari Digar, not only will you help children with DS who are either hidden or neglected in life, but you will bring changes to these children’s lives and raise awareness in Tajikistan and the general public in the capital, Dushanbe, of the hardships these families face. Through volunteering for Nazari Digar, you will make an invaluable contribution to the community and learn new things about yourself whilst you do so. 

You can volunteer at our events both in London and in Tajikistan. Any skill you might have, we can use. Please reach out and support our important cause. (photo of volunteers)

Start a Fundraiser

As a new charity we always need financial support. Any fundraising will be highly appreciated and valuable to us. Every penny counts. For £10 we can conduct a therapy session for 8 children, for £12 we can conduct a blood test for thyroid levels in one of the best private laboratories in Tajikistan. You can be as creative as you can, conduct a coffee morning, run a marathon, do a walk etc.

Please contact us for an information pack if you would like to support our cause. You can be anywhere in the world to partake in fundraising. (photo of kids) 

Give monthly or give once

We welcome any donation towards our cause. Here is the link: соединит с ссылкой на gofundme)

Donate glasses

Children with DS have special little noses and they need special frames. The majority of children with DS wear glasses. So far we have been able to give children up to 40 pairs of glasses. Special glasses for children with DS are produced by Tomato Glasses and some other companies. They are expensive, and we started our campaign on recycling used frames from tomato glasses or other companies from the UK. We have already sent more than 20 used frames to children in Tajikistan. We are continuingly collecting used frames in order to help all the children in Tajikistan, and hopefully other Central Asian countries.

Please contact us if you want to donate frames:

Donate resources

Tajikistan is in an information vacuum, since all the recent research and resources for the development of children with DS are in English, and professionals and children do not speak English in Tajikistan.

If you have a pack of picture resources, puzzles, developmental or sensory toys, please donate to us. We are in the process of establishing a centre in Tajikistan, and we can send all the resources over. We are able to translate English into Tajik and Russian, and use pictures in order to communicate. We always need numicon (Is this a typo? I don’t know what this is) as well.  (photos)

Donate Premature and Baby clothing

The majority of children with DS are born at a weight of around 2, or 2.5 kilograms. In Tajikistan we recently discovered that there is no premature or small baby clothing. We are making special boxes for maternity houses around the country, collecting small baby clothes, good quality yarn or knitted little cardigans with socks and hats. Hospitals in Tajikistan are not heated so if a baby is born in the winter or spring, they can get cold and so we are calling all the knitters to makes small blankets also to keep the babies warm.

According to the statistics up to 250-300 kids with DS are born on annual basis. Thus, the target for our boxes this year is 300. (photo)